Murphy Foundation Featured
in Special Issue of Scientific American:
The Science of Dogs and Cats

On September 1, 2015, Scientific American announced the publication of a special collector's issue titled “The Science of Dogs and Cats”. Scientific American — the magazine that has been providing readers with cutting-edge scientific stories using accessible language for more than a century — has selected the article “Cancer Clues from Pet Dogs” written by Dr. Waters for this special issue. As one of 18 featured articles, Dr. Waters' story describing the quest to gather cancer clues from man's best friend represents an updated version of the article that first appeared in Scientific American in 2006. The article provides an inside look at the opportunities and progress being made toward the getting a leg up on the cancers that affect people and their pets. The article highlights our trailblazing research — the ongoing study of the oldest-living Rottweilers, which offers Murphy Foundation scientists a unique chance to study cancer-resistant individuals within a cancer-prone breed. This 112-page special issue celebrating the lives of dogs and cats — from the dog's ancient evolutionary origins to today's animal-assisted therapy — points to the Murphy Foundation as leaders in an area of exciting research that promises to be win-win for pets and people. Scientific American is available at newsstands and book stores wherever magazines are sold.

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