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Cancer Prevention is 2 Steps Ahead™

“Prevention, the avoidance of cancer altogether, is 2 steps ahead of lethal cancer,” said David J. Waters, Executive Director of the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation. “The idea of cancer prevention has been relatively slow to take hold in the oncology community. In contrast, cardiologists have been tuned into preventing heart attacks for a long time – they’re way ahead of us in their progressive thinking,” Waters said.

Murphy Foundation scientists are actively studying how the dietary intake of the trace mineral selenium could prevent prostate cancer. Their findings, published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2nd Annual Conference on Cancer Prevention in Phoenix, AZ in November 2003.

February is Cancer Prevention Month

February has been designated by the U.S. Senate as “Cancer Prevention Awareness Month” and cancer prevention is also on the minds of investigators at the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation, who are preparing for a serious fight against prostate cancer.

Until recently, most cancer research has focused on the treatment of cancer, but things are beginning to change. “The early diagnosis of cancer through screening, such as mammography and the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, keeps you one step ahead of the diagnosis of advanced cancer,” said David J. Waters, Professor of Comparative Oncology at Purdue University and Executive Director of the Murphy Foundation. Located in the Purdue Research Park, the Murphy Foundation has a rich tradition of advancing the science of cancer detection and prevention. Gerald P. Murphy, MD, was a member of the research team that discovered PSA and devoted much of his career to the early detection of prostate cancer.

The current goal of Waters’ research team is keeping you 2 Steps Ahead of a diagnosis of advanced cancer.

2 Steps Ahead™ is a trademark of the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation.