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“What we are learning from studying the oldest-living Rottweilers is already
having cross-generational impact. Our fresh ideas are becoming the new
cornerstones of health practices that will ensure longer, healthier lives    
among those dogs who have not yet celebrated their first birthday.”       

David J. Waters DVM                          
Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation                         

The Old Grey Muzzle Tour 2018 is a scientific expedition to uncover the secrets of successful aging and cancer avoidance. Beginning in mid-April, Dr. Waters is embarking on a 40-day, cross-country trek to study some of the oldest-living pet dogs in North America in their homes. His research team is proud to be innovating research on healthier aging by committing themselves to the intensive study of these exceptional dogs. The research hinges on the idea that Rottweilers with exceptional longevity — equivalent to humans who reach 100 years — may hold the keys to unlocking the mechanisms that connect cancer resistance and successful aging. Since 2010, Dr. Waters has completed six Old Grey Muzzle Tours carefully studying more than 100 of these exceptional dogs in their own environment, compiling lifetime medical histories, conducting detailed physical examinations and owner interviews. As Dr. Waters hits the road, his research is being regarded as a unique vehicle for strengthening the bond between humans and pets so that we and our pets can live longer, healthier lives.

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