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Our Partners

The Murphy Foundation enjoys strong partnerships with our funders, corporate sponsors, and scientific colleagues. Our business model has always been to maximize the impact of the research dollar by capitalizing on our strength — our intellectual assets. While the research ideas frequently originate with Murphy scientists, we also collaborate with other top notch institutes and universities to conduct the basic and clinical research, leaving our ‘bricks and mortar’ budgets trim, and enabling a high level of flexibility as our research results lead us to pursue emergent research problems. In particular, our nationwide studies of cancer and aging in pet dogs are made possible by harnessing the collective expertise of a network of skilled veterinarians in small animal practices across the U.S. These studies are developed and coordinated by the Murphy research team from our research facility located in the Purdue Research Park, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Here is a partial list of our recent projects and partners:

Animal Cancer Foundation To support PATH to Progress® , an innovative cancer research program that puts pet dogs with naturally occurring cancer on a more central path to discovering lifesaving cancer treatments for people and pets
Arthur Vining Davis Foundations To support the PATH to Progress research program
Attenuon, LLC To evaluate a new treatment to stop the spread of cancer
Bostwick Laboratories To investigate the anticancer mechanisms of the trace mineral selenium
Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program To discover new ways to prevent prostate cancer
P&G Pet Care/IAMS To better understand the link between aging and cancer; to study how dietary changes can reduce cancer risk; to study the determinants of exceptional longevity and healthspan; to establish the Exceptional Longevity Database as part of the Exceptional Aging in Rottweilers Study (EARS)
Indiana Soybean Board To determine how soybeans can be used to prevent or treat cancer
National Cancer Institute /Northern Indiana Cancer Research Consortium To conduct SELECT, the largest-ever prostate cancer prevention trial in men
The Rogosin Institute To test a new treatment for prostate and liver cancer
Van Andel Research Institute To develop new methods to detect and treat the spread of prostate and bone cancer
Purdue Center on Aging and the Life Course (CALC) Cross-training young scientists in aging and cancer; Purdue’s CALC has the world’s first dual title PhD program in Gerontology