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Critical Knowledge Gaps in the Biology of Aging

  • Biomarkers, biomarkers, biomarkers
  • Relevance of model systems to human aging
  • Why old tissues are more vulnerable to disease
  • Whether a slow rate of senescence is essential for exceptional longevity

Research conducted by investigators at The Center for Exceptional Longevity Studies is addressing these critical knowledge gaps.

Key Research Questions on Exceptional Longevity
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A Conceptual Model of Factors that Contribute to Exceptional Longevity

This model was developed by scientists at The Center for Exceptional Longevity Studies based upon what we have learned about the oldest-old pet dogs and humans. It appears in the Journal of Gerontology (Cooley et al, J Gerontol 2003).

Comparison of Extreme Aged Rottweiler Dogs and Human Centenarians
(Cooley et al, J Gerontol 2003)

Factor Extreme Aged Rottweiler Dogs Human
Age at Death ≥ 13.3 years ≥ 100 years
  Female 67% 80%
Cause of Death    
  Cancer 19%  4%
  Non-cancer 81% 96%
Delay in Onset of Major Diseases    
  Survivor 24% 38%
  Delayer 19% 43%
  Escaper 57% 19%